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SX.588 Combo AIS/activeGPS antennaantenna

Perfect for AIS applications, the SX.588 'Combo' antenna saves installation time and cost by providing both the VHF and GPS antennas in one very neat package with a single 'figure8' style cable. Designed specifically for use with our SeaTraceR Class B Transponder, and with our SeaVieweR UPGRADEABLE Dual Channel AIS/GPS Receiver.


SX.272 Antenna Splitter

And if you want to use an existing VHF antenna, 'shared' between your VHF radio and ansplitter AIS Transponder, you must use an active antenna splitter that is fast enough to respond to the AIS transmissions without corrupting the data. The SX.272 from SevenStar has been tested and approved for such use.

Please note that other antenna splitters available may be fine for use with AIS RECEIVERS, but should not be used with AIS Transponders/Transceivers without extensive testing.


S.701B Replacement Lower Assembly/Battery Packbattery replacement

The battery pack on the S.701 SevenStar SART should be changed every 5 years, or if the unit has been accidentally damaged or activated (a brief period is allowed periodically for annual testing.) The S.701 was the first SART that can be shipped as non-hazardous goods, and the replacement pack is naturally also non-hazardous. This greatly reduces the cost and paperwork for shipping these items.

The S.701B replacement battery pack kit is available from our distributors, and is capable of being fitted by a competent service engineer with only a 2.5mm hex driver. The kit includes a new gasket, screw and O-ring, as shown in the photo.

The S.701 from SevenStar is also unique in that the SART electronics remain totally sealed during battery pack removal and refitting - it is impossible to damage or de-tune the electronics, or allow the accidental ingress of moisture.